Moe & Irene Mellion Endowed Athletic Training Scholarship

Moe Mellion, MD donated his time and expertise to the UNO family for nearly 19 years as a Team Physician, and was instrumental in providing optimal health care to our student-athletes as well as in the education of our athletic training students. In appreciation of the services and dedication Moe and Irene have given to UNO athletics, this scholarship was established for the students in the Athletic Training Program. Two annual, non-renewable scholarships of approximately $500.00 are awarded based on a student’s service to the Athletic Training Program, reflecting their performance in both the academic and clinical setting.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Write a 2-5 paragraph biography that could be used to describe you. This is what would be used, should you win, at the H&K Student Banquet. Include background, education, hobbies, volunteer, and career goals.
  2. Please list the name and email address of one reference. The reference must be faculty (non-AT) or an athletic training preceptor. You should request permission from the person to use his/her name as a reference.