Distinguished Scholarship

The University annually awards five Distinguished Scholarships. These scholarships have a total estimated value over a four-year period of $31,000 to $33,000. All five are awarded through the UNO Distinguished Scholarship Competition. Academically talented high school seniors are invited to apply to the University Honors Program in order to be considered for these top awards. Up to ten additional scholarships are awarded to the top alternates.

Please note that your essays for the Honors Program application can also be used for the Distinguished Scholarship applications (essays are aligned across these opportunities); there are ACT and HS GPA requirements for eligibility for those scholarship applications.

Incoming freshmen must apply for admission to UNO and Honors by February 1st of their senior year to be considered. UNO will accept ACT/SAT scores through the February test date of your senior year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is unique about you and how would it contribute to our Honors Program's diversity? Respond with 100 words or less.
  2. Why do cats knock things off tables, and what is their ultimate goal?
  3. Please list the name and email address of one reference. You should request permission from the person to use his/her name as a reference, and the reference should come from an unrelated recommender, probably a teacher, who can speak to your potential for academic achievement.